DLS v0.15

Quick blog post on the new features added to v0.15.

1. Pull resistors: Pull resistors can be used to drive undefined/hi-Z signals either low or high. They have 1 input and 1 output port. In case of multi-bit signals you can configure each bit individually via their configuration dialog.

2. Improved logic analyzer: You can now zoom around a specific time in the timeline using the zoom buttons at the top left of the panel or zoom in/out by holding down the Ctrl key and using your mouse wheel (to zoom around the mouse cursor). You can also navigate the timeline using your keyboard (arrow keys).

3. Copy schematic: Added a new command to the component's context menu (right click) which allows you to duplicate the internal schematic of the component and add it to the current circuit. Helpful when debugging complex components.

4. New gate/component toolbar: The gate toolbar now fills the screen height and it's scrollable (in case all the buttons cannot fit on your screen). Also the various options are now grouped for easier navigation. 

That's all for now


DLS v0.15.0 (Setup x64).exe 9 MB
Jul 21, 2017
DLS v0.15.0 (Win x64).zip 2 MB
Jul 21, 2017
DLS v0.15.0 (Linux x64).zip 2 MB
Jul 21, 2017
DLS v0.15.0 (Mac OS X x64).zip 2 MB
Jul 21, 2017


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