Sandbox in the browser and demo version

A couple of days ago I started playing with Emscripten to see if DLS can run in the browser. Apparently it can

So, I decided to remove the obselete v0.10.1 I was keeping as a demo, since the differences between that and the latest version (0.14) are big.

You can evaluate DLS' capabilities with the online sandbox from now on. I added a link to it to the Links section on the game's page. In case you decide to purchase DLS in order to run it on your desktop (and/or support further development) and it doesn't work correctly (i.e. due to an untested Linux distro), I'll be glad to hear about it and try to fix it.

Finally, note that even though the online sandbox supports all the features of the desktop version, there are no puzzles and the performance isn't on par with the desktop version (if your browser supports it, I'd recommend running the WebAssembly version). 

Now go create some circuits in your browser!


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