Decided to start working on DLS again after almost 3 years of inactivity. Don't have any concrete plans at the moment. Don't expect a lot of updates.

I've been seriously thinking of removing the "game" part of the game and keep only the sandbox editor. Will probably be the first thing I do for v0.18.0. I'll probably keep 0.17.0 indefinitely for anyone wanting to check out the few available levels.


DLS v0.17.0 Setup x64.exe 25 MB
Jan 08, 2022
DLS v0.17.0 (Win x64).zip 2 MB
Jan 08, 2022


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Just a little bug report: Whenever I componentize a transistor-level schematic, any attempt to quit the game, or delete that component, crashes the game. The component is then not available in the custom components menu. So, I am unable to save any transistor-level components.

Replace "game" with "lessons" / "tutorials" / "challenges"?

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Woo! Glad for you to be back! 

Perhaps you should create a discord server or something similar. A centralized community where designs can be shared, conversations can be had, and issues can be reported.


Here you go https://discord.gg/3uxmFJgtbB :)

I'll add the link to the project's page.

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Looks very neat; I look forward to trying it. Also, seeing what else you add. Do you plan to keep making the Linux builds?

My current plan is to add a plugin system so I can simulate complex components fast (e.g. CPUs) using code instead of circuits. It's still very early to know if I'll manage to do it, but I'm slowly working on it.

Regarding Linux builds. I don't have a Linux machine at the moment and setting up a VM is a lot of work. I'll try WSL2 at some point to see if I can cross-compile from Windows. Don't know how it'll work with the plugin system once it's ready, so I'm not sure if I'll keep Linux support.

Understandable. Given the nature of the game/simulation, you could probably find some volunteers on Linux to help you test. Assuming you decide to keep the support.


Hi, I bought your game and I am happy with it, but...

If I in DLS create a ROM and want to fill it with data,

(right mouse button / Edit values), the app will crash!

In the browser version of DLS it will work correct.

Please, repair the bug so I can work with ROM's in DLS.

Kind regards,


Try 0.17.1. It should be fixed.

Hi Making Art Studio,

Thank you for your extreme quick response.

I tested 0.17.1 quickly and the problem I got is gone!

Well done, good luck with further development of this great game.



Awesome that you're working on it again! I enjoyed the levels, even if they are only a few. Good tutorial to ease you into the editor